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iDuct is developed on the base of long experience of HVAC engineers and it provides a simulated process on manual HVAC duct designing procedure.

The windows of iDuct occupy very little area of the screen allowing you to work on both iDuct and AutoCAD simultaneously.

Units of drawing, Initial velocity, air flow rate, friction rate, total friction can be set to your needs just by clicking on respective unit button. For typical imperial unit system main window looks like this.    
(In default, all unit buttons are locked to prevent accidental changes. 'Units' button is for unlock/lock unit buttons)

Let us consider an actual situation now.

Assume that you have to design air distribution ducting system for following building.

For drafting works, all you have to do is to just draw the duct routine in single lines and mark air terminal locations with circles.
iDuct supports user blocks for air terminals.                                           Get sample drawing here

iDuct can analyse your duct route and identify all fittings such as reducers, bends, Tees(butterfly), take offs (Y-branch), double take offs and branch collar locations.

As soon as you assign air flow rates to air terminals, iDuct calculates air flow rates at all intermediate ducts, total flow rate and friction rate. You can change initial air velocity as per your requirements and friction rate get changed accordingly.

The software provides an easy way to set many actual installation criteria. Let us look at few cases.

In case of rectangular duct designing, it is a very usual situation that you have to limit the height of duct to a
some specific value due to space limitations. With iDuct you don't have to assign such criteria for each duct piece separately. Just assign the maximum height for the first duct piece and the software will calculate all downstream duct sizes intelligently. Also same can be adapted for width restrictions.

In default, the duct route drawn by user is taken as the centre line of the duct. Still user can assign the duct route of a certain duct segment as the left or right edge. This feature provides a way to align a duct segment with a wall or any other element in the floor plan.
Also you can set height difference of the any duct segment, air terminal with its upstream duct segment.Necessary bends and straight duct lengths are added to the material table accordingly. This feature allows user to obtain accurate material list.

You can view and set the properties of any duct segment, air terminal easily with ' Property Window'.

Within few minutes of opening architectural drawing you will be having complete duct drawing and the material list.
You can export the material list directly to MS-Excel.      

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