Product Under Development


iTools is a general purpose AutoCAD based application, which provides various type of enhance functionalities to AutoCAD. These are the following functionalities of the application directly applicable to your material list preparation:

  • Block counting and listing
  • Light fittings, piping accessories, sanitary accessories and electrical accessories are often drawn as AutoCAD blocks in general practice.Block counting and listing functionality provides a fast way to extract blocks from AutoCAD drawing and place them in Microsoft Excel list.

  • Irregular path length calculations
  • This function calculates lengths of AutoCAD polylines, lines and arcs together and labels them as required. Practical application of this functionality is calculating total electrical conduit lengths from a drawing.

  • Spot labeling and counting
  • Manual counting of items or locations from a drawing accurately is a tedious process as there can be several hundreds of different items. Spot labeling and counting provides easy labeling of items at mouse click and at the same time automatic indexing and categorizing are carried out. Application can count and place the indexed items in the material list.

  • Area demarcation and labeling
  • This is a useful functionality to calculate floor areas from the drawing. Demarcation boundaries are added at user pick points. Area labels and indexing are added with Intelligent information. There are several more functionalities in iTools, which saves your time in drawing inspection and material extraction.
    Expected release date : under development